Skype iphone not running background

On the other hand, Whatsapp is connected all the time and you are able to receive messages even when in background. Can someone explain the technicalities behind each app, the difference between them, and what prevents Skype from working like Whatsapp so its always connected?

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Skype for iPhone Now Runs in Background, Replaces Phone App

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This is because Whatsapp uses what's called Push Notifications. As far as I remember, even Skype uses them to inform of incoming calls and new messages.

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For more info: As far as I can work out Whatsapp is using push notifications. I don't know why Skype hasn't implemented this as well, it seems odd not to, but it could be limitations with their architecture, or it could be just that it doesn't fit into their business model. Whatsapp is meant to be "always on", almost a replacement for SMS which is what I use it for , whereas Skype is more of a "log in when you want to talk to someone" thing. Lists other endpoints that can receive push notifications for calls and IMs for this Skype account.

I don't want Skype on my iPhone to ring when the app is closed

Sign out all other instances except the current one. This will also stop push notifications on all other instances. Other workaround could include changing your Skype password to make remote Skype clients sign out. I agree this is annoying, there should be an in-app setting for disabling this.

I don't know why there isn't one. It is a feature, not a requirement.

Iphone Background Running Apps On/Off Tips

An inconvenient workaround but it should work. Put your profile to invisible or offline when you don't want to be contacted and see how that works. Also power things completely down while sleeping.

How to keep Skype App running in the background on iPhone

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Skype for Business iOS app - running in background : skype4b

Skype is online all the time? Ask Question.

Two questions: AStopher AStopher 1 1 9. Create an empty conversation. Type command in the message textbox: If you want to logout from remote online endpoints, then execute: True, but a really inconvenient workaround. A friend who has had the same problem simply uninstalled it from their device; unfortunately for me this isn't really a feasible option.