Windows mobile 5 standalone emulator

I have "Proxy" here.

Note the settings as they are in the screenshot below. If you need to enter a username, etc. In Windows Vista you will have to run similar directions as below, but use the Windows Mobile Device Manager to change the Connection Settings as shown below.

Right Click the Entry and select "Cradle". ActiveSync will now attempt to connect to your virtual device that is Emulating Windows Mobile.

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Share this post: This is a great writeup. Worked perfectly for the PocketPC emulator. How do you config network for the SmartPhone emulator? I had to download Device emulator 2. Click my name for a link to it. Unfortuanally these are old Versions.

Where can I download a standalone Windows Mobile 5 device emulator?

If one enables the Option "enforce Password" for the Mobile Device in Exchage the Device ist no longer working It should be version or higher pre-installed on device. The english Version emulator Image is newer and working.

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Thanks for the feedback. I will try to find the appropriate team for this and forward your concern to them.

Microsoft Device Emulator for Pocket PC - Download

Thanks for pointing that out to us! I never found your instructions in my searching over the years nor did my colleagues. Thanks for pointing this out! I received the following response from the team that posts the emulators. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to change it. The WM 5. Thanks for the info. Your system has not been modified. To install the program at a later time, please run the installation again. I did run it again but had no luck.

Free virtual Pocket PC or Smartphone from Microsoft

The issue persists even I reboot my PC several times. Does anything show up in the Application or System event logs? Is more information given in the error dialog box? I have downloaded and installed Virtual PC , but I am still getting an error message from the efp. Any ideas? Have you done a reboot since the install?

Another test: My netword card is configured in the Emulator V2. Does anybody know a way to get the emulator to default to "My Work Network"? It is a pain in the rear to keep setting that. Note that the downloads are large. If you do not have a broadband connection, you are better off getting Virtual CE to connect to an actual device.

You need to be running Windows 7, Vista, XP or with the latest service packs.

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For XP and , you need to be running ActiveSync 4. Microsoft also has a tutorial on their site. Downloading and Installing You will need the Emulator itself, plus an image for the device you want to emulate. Download the Microsoft Device Emulator 3. Download the images. They are available in quite a few different languages. Note the English is not listed at the top of page, but listed further down. Windows Mobile 6. Windows Mobile SE A standalone emulator is not available. It is installed as part of Virtual PC It is not unusual to have to reboot.

If ActiveSync does not connect, try registering the Device Emulator again. If you have questions, Microsoft has a newsgroup for the Emulator here: Starting up the Emulator An easy way to start an emulator is from the Windows Start button. If it doesn't, you need to perform the following steps: See Virtual PC at http: Launch Device Emulator Manager. You can find "Device Emulator Manager Click on the right mouse button will launch the manager. In the device list Picture 3 you need to pick one and press "Connect" button Picture 4.

For Windows Vista In the Windows Mobile Center you need to find the Mobile Device Settings if you already set a partnership with a mobile device, you can click on its item when the device is disconnected. Make this change when you don't have any device connected to your PC. Choose Emulator Now in Device Emulator Manager , select the running emulator, right mouse click calls the popup menu where you need to choose "Cradle" item Windows Mobile Center or ActiveSync Will react automatically and you'll need to setup the partnership with the running emulator.

It is, probably, the simplest way to connect the device emulator with the internet. You can find more information about the emulators in MSDN: LVL Smartphone Programming Level Expert Comment by: Mikal On a non windows 7 environment its pretty much straight forward. How about adding some info for Windows 7. Heres a source: Author Comment by: