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You can painlessly transfer data from Windows phone to Android phone through your desktop in an old-fashioned way. Select the item you want to have on your new Android device and paste them into a folder. Then connect your Android device to your desktop in the similar fashion and get all the data on your phone from that folder be it photos, music, videos or documents.

There are plenty of third-party apps available, like Phone Copier , that help to transfer data between smartphones. You need to be connected with Hotspot to send the files.

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Now open it up on Windows phone, tap on the send button and choose the photos, music, docs you want to have on Android device. Unlike iOS ecosystem, the only Google necessity you need on an Android smartphone is a Google account. Now that you have your old data on your new Android device, we would suggest you sync it with your Gmail account.

It makes things a lot easier to access, and it is always a good idea to do it in advance.

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How to Transfer Contacts from Lumia to Android

This is not just the case with Windows OS; even other ecosystems do not let users access the app data. So, if you have been planning to move from Windows Mobile Phone to Android phone, these tips will come handy to make your transition as painless as possible. Well, don't worry, as there are ways of avoiding this trouble. Transferring contacts from a Lumia to an Android is a very extensive process. Also, it requires you to have some technical knowhow. The process comprises of two steps. In the first step, contacts from the Lumia device have to be exported to an Outlook account and downloaded in the form of a.

Then in the second step, this. Once the contacts have been stored in the Gmail account, you need to sign in to his Android device using the same Google account to have all his contacts synced to his Android device. Here we will discuss two much simpler methods to transfer contacts from Lumia to Android in this article.

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MobileTrans Phone Transfer is a wonderful and cost effective data transfer tool for us to transfer our contacts, music, videos, messages and more cross different platforms. In order to transfer contacts from Lumia to Android , you are supposed to know MobileTrans at first, since it can help you easily get it done.

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  7. Step 1: Sign in your Microsoft account and then select the contacts to backup. Normally your phone will automatically back up your contacts to your microsft account. Step 2: Open Wondershare Mobiletrans, select "Restore from Backup" mode on the interface, then select OneDrive from the options. Step 3: Sign in your OneDrive account and let the program scan the backup file. This process might take a few seconds. Connect your iPhone to the computer, then the program will recognize it automatically.

    Four ways to transfer data from Windows phone to Android device for free-

    Step 4: Select the Contacts and click Start Transfer. The contacts will be transferred to the Android phone in a few seconds. To transfer contacts using an Outlook account you will need a lot of will power, time and energy along with a PC, a Lumia phone and an active internet connection. The biggest problem of using OneDrive is that you have to get an active internet connection to both your two phones so that you can get access to files saved in OneDrive server.

    Also, you need to wait for long time for the transfer according to speed of your network. Here is the ever best way to transfer contacts from your Windows phone to Android phone with ease. To start with, you need to sync contacts in your Windows phone to Outlook and then sign in Outlook account in PC or tablet. After clicking on the button, Outlook will download contacts on your Android phone automatically in the form of.

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    CSV file. You now just need to wait for a few seconds, Gmail will sync all contacts and merge them to your existing contacts on Google automatically. Nokia Lumia to iPhone: Transfer Nokia Lumia Contacts to iPhone.

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